Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are Jomi Compression Products Made?

Answer: Our products are manufactured in a FDA certified facility in the United States.


Question: Is there compression in the toe and abdominal areas?

Answer: Our stockings and socks are Graduated Compression and do not have compression on the toes or abdominal area.


Question: What is the proper way to launder these stockings? Are they machine washable?

Answer: The proper way to launder JOMI stockings and socks is by using mild detergent and hand wash. They are machine washable as well, however, machine washing will decrease its life.


Question: Are Jomi Compression Products latex free?

Answer: All of our compression wear are latex free.


Question: What if the measurements of my two feet don’t match a single size, namely one foot is more swollen?

Answer: If you are experiencing swelling and one leg is more swollen than the other – calculate each leg separately, if they are not the same size you should buy both sizes so that you can wear the correct size for each leg.


Question: Am I getting one sock or a pair?

Answer: All knee highs, thigh highs and socks are sold as pairs.


Question: Are Jomi products gender specific?

Answer: All thigh highs and knee highs are Unisex.

Pantyhose is specifically for women, Leotard is specifically for men.

We offer socks for both, men and women.


Question: How tight should they be?

Answer: They should fit comfortably. They should not be painfully tight, yet not too loose so that it bunches up or slides down. They should not be impossible to put on, but they do still require some effort. It’s best to ask your doctor what degree of compression is recommended for you, certain conditions may affect the answer.


Question: Do they help with leg swelling?

Answer: Depends on the reason for the swelling, however in most cases it will. For best results consult with a medical professional.

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