JUZO Dynamic Cotton 3520 Compression Knee High Sock 15-20 mmHg


Color: Brown
Size: I - X-Small
Length: Standard
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Juzo Dynamic Cotton Socks

From the toe up, you've never felt better! Juzo Dynamic Cotton Sock for Men is designed to set a new standard for men's compression socks. The Dynamic Cotton Sock for Men is opaque throughout from heel to calf and features a prominent ribbed design, offering appeal for work or weekend. Features: Bigger foot portion. Cotton lining in breathable and comfortable. Ribbed design. Work or weekend wear.

  • Does poor circulation prevent you from enjoying things like riding a bike or working in the garden? Juzo’s medical compression garments are specifically designed to help manage symptoms like achy legs, swelling, and spider & varicose veins so you can go about your daily activities.
  • To accommodate bigger feet, Juzo’s Dynamic Cotton sock was designed with a larger foot portion. It’s a high quality, durable compression stocking that comes in two lengths (regular & short) for maximum comfort.
  • To improve circulation, graduated compression stockings are often part of a management plan. As you move, graduated compression stockings apply pressure to support the calf muscle and outside of veins to help the valves close. The compression starts at the ankle and gradually decreases as it works its way up the leg, helping to improve circulation, manage your discomfort/swelling and give you more freedom to move.
  • This knee-high compression sock is made up of a unique weave of cotton and nylon. The cotton is blended into the fabric for a breathable fit while the nylon is lined on the outside to ensure durability.
  • Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent. Machine dry on low heat. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Do not iron or dry clean.

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