4 Materials Used for Compression Wear

Compression socks are crafted to provide the largest amount of comfort possible while maintaining its main function of reducing swelling and increasing support and blood flow in the lower legs and feet. While every compression garment is unique, here are the general materials used for compression wear.


Nylon is one of the main elements of compression wear. It’s a silky, smooth material made of plastic and the combination of diamine and dicarboxylic acid atoms. Nylon is a strong, lightweight, easily washable material that resists shrinkage and increases the comfort of clothing. Within compression gear, nylon makes up the majority of the fabric used. For example, many of Jomi Compression’s compression knee-highs are made up of between 70 and 82 percent nylon.


“Spandex,” which is an anagram for the word “expands,” is a term used only in the United States. One of the most stretchable fabrics available, spandex is a lightweight synthetic fabric known for its expansive and durable properties. Commonly used in sportswear and athleisure wear, it’s also the other main component that makes up compression wear, as it’s another one of the main materials that creates the compression. Most of Jomi Compression’s products are made up of at least 20 percent spandex. Spandex is never used alone in clothing; it’s always paired with other materials.


Silicon is a chemical element used for many different applications. In compression, it is minimally used to increase the ease of wear and the comfort of the wearer. It’s primarily used for the support bands that keep compression gear from slipping at the top. Silicon dots can be found on certain models of compression stockings and socks.


Cotton is a material made from a cotton plant. It’s used in almost all clothing types, and compression wear is no exception. Small percentages of cotton are used with the main materials, nylon and spandex, to create a softer and more luxurious feel.

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