JOMI Roll On Body Adhesive, Sweat Resistant, Washes Off With Ease, 2 Ounces

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  • JOMI COMPRESSION ROLL ON Body Adhesive is flexible, so you’ll move freely and forget it’s there. It's gentle, so it won’t irritate your skin. It's easy and comfortable to apply with our roll-on applicator. And it's long-lasting — holds all day, or until you choose to remove it.
  • JOMI'S Body Adhesive holds up men’s and women’s socks, knee socks, nylons, pantyhose (eliminates the need for garters), dance socks and costumes (for Irish dancers, Scottish dancers, etc.), surgical and support stockings (even those without a gripping top band), anti-embolism stockings, surgical and orthopedic belts and devices, athletic tape, eyeglasses, shoulder straps, wigs and toupees, theatrical makeup and devices and anything else you want to hold up!
  • How to use JOMI COMPRESSION ROLL ON Body Adhesive: Simply roll a small amount of glue onto your skin, for example at the top band of a stocking, then put article in place. When removing article, simply lift it off — HOLD UP won’t pull skin or hair. Wipe off with a damp cloth. Water completely removes our ROLL ON adhesive from skin and material, leaving no stain.
  • Your Answer To Keeping Things In Place! JOMI COMPRESSION ROLL ON Body Adhesive is the solution you’ve been looking for. It keeps garments, socks, prosthetics, and many other items in place easily and comfortably! Our roll-on applicator helps you to apply the product quickly and easily wherever it is needed.
  • Jomi Compression Roll-On Body Adhesive provides extra level of support, Roll-On Body Adhesive is excellent to keep surgical stockings, anti-embolism stockings, orthopedic supports and elastic/neoprene wraps securely in place.
  • Easy to use, simply roll on where desired application is needed. When finished, simply wash with soap and water.
  • JOMI COMPRESSION ROLL ON Body Adhesive will hold up almost anything that may slip on your skin | Proudly Made in the USA


How to don compression stockings

Customer Reviews

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Michael L.
Hold my compression sock in

Hold my compression sock in place all day from 5:30am to 9pm

Patrick C.
Works great for holding up

Works great for holding up leg warmers on chilly bike rides.

Lynn B.
You need this

Necessary to keep stockings in place!

Tina W.
help keep the stockings up

help keep the stockings up on my thighs with no irritation

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