Must-Have Accessories for Compression Socks

You might be new to wearing compression socks or you might have been using them for years. Either way, if you’re a compression sock user, then you know what a difference they can make to the way you feel and move. There are plenty of reasons to wear compression socks, from working long hours on your feet, medical conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and restless leg syndrome, sitting for long periods of time, and many more. No matter the reason for your compression sock usage, you may have found some difficulties using them from time to time. Check out these must-have accessories for compression socks.

Stocking Donner

One of the most useful accessories you must have for your compression socks is a stocking donner. If you’ve ever put on compression socks, you know they can be tight and tricky to get on just the right way. This tool is especially helpful to those who have trouble reaching their feet and those with arthritis as well as other mobility issues. A stocking donner is a device you use to put on your socks. You simply place the compression sock on the donner and slide your foot through. It’s a quick, easy, and painless way to get your compression socks on the right way.

Donning Gloves

Donning gloves are another must-have accessory for your compression socks. The gloves are designed with grips in the perfect places to help you don your compression socks. These make putting your socks on and taking them off a breeze. These are especially helpful to those with arthritis, those with minor mobility issues, and those with trouble gripping. To use these simply purchase a pair in the correct size for your hands, slip them on, and put your socks on or take them off with ease.

Body adhesive

If you have trouble keeping your socks up without garters, then body adhesive might be the product you need. Body adhesive works to keep your socks up, no matter your level of activity or movement. It helps you to stop worrying about your socks falling down and get back to living your life. To use body adhesive, simply roll on the adhesive to your body where you need your socks held up. You can apply Jomi body adhesive without worrying about tearing skin or ripping out hair. Then put your socks on and forget about them. For example, if you’re wearing compression knee-highs that can’t seem to stay up right, just roll a bit of body adhesive where the silicon grips hit your leg, roll the sock back up, and your socks will stay put until you take them off.

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