Reasons for Nurses to Wear Compression Gear

Nurses often work long and restless shifts. They can spend more than 12 hours a day on their feet, running around to help their patients. Many doctors and nurses end up recommending compression gear to their patients when they are suffering from swelling of the legs and feet. Compression gear is recommended for people who spend a lot of time on their feet to alleviate pressure and support the muscles and tendons in the lower legs and feet. Check out these top reasons for nurses to wear compression gear.

They can alleviate foot and leg pain

After spending hours up and moving around, a nurse’s legs and feet are bound to be a bit sore, especially after doing so day in and day out. Wearing compression gear can help to soothe feet and legs and even prevent some discomfort from developing throughout the course of the day.

They help stimulate circulation

Nurses are on their feet all day. This makes their circulatory systems work overtime trying to keep their blood from pooling in their feet and instead redirecting it back up to the heart. Compression socks act as a helping hand to a body’s circulatory system by encouraging blood flow to continue as normal, even with gravity working against it.

They prevent swelling

Wearing compression socks can help prevent leg and foot swelling. Long hours that nurses spend up and on their feet can lead to an increased risk for developing swelling. Swelling can be difficult to manage in a career that doesn’t allow time to sit with elevated feet. This is where compression gear comes into play. It helps to prevent swelling by keeping the muscles and tendons supported and promoting regular blood flow.

They’re made for everybody

Compression socks aren’t just for the old or the sickly. They are designed with everybody’s needs in mind. There are socks, stockings, and even an option for a men’s compression leotard to fit every need and body. There are plenty of style and color options. Compression gear is for everyone.

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