The Pain of Pregnancy on Your Feet

It’s no secret that pregnancy can cause your body quite a bit of pain. From morning sickness to achiness, the symptoms are often discussed at length. One issue that’s much rarer for people to touch on is the pain of pregnancy on your feet. From varicose veins to unexplained swelling, pregnancy can change the way your feet function. Here are some ways pregnancy can affect your feet and how you can combat the symptoms.



Edema is swelling. It’s very common for pregnant women to experience some mild to moderate swelling of their feet and lower legs. This swelling’s exact cause is unknown, but it’s thought to be caused by the shift in the uterus putting pressure on the blood vessels and affecting the circulation of the lower legs and feet.


A lot of foot pain during pregnancy can be caused by the natural weight gain that happens when you get pregnant. On average, women tend to gain between 25 to 40 pounds throughout their pregnancies—and this weight gain is totally normal and healthy. It can, however, create extra strain on your heels, as your joints aren’t used to the new weight and the new way you walk—as pregnancy can change the way many women walk. This can cause foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and other painful conditions.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are veins that became twisted or enlarged in some way, and they’re often a result of untreated edema. Edema can quickly turn to varicose veins, as the causes are almost parallel. Pressure from the uterus on your veins, increased hormones, and weight gain are all common causes of this painful condition.


While there’s no quick and easy “cure” for these conditions, symptoms can be easily treated, managed, and prevented for the future. At the first signs of any of these conditions, consult your doctor. Your medical team should do the necessary tests to rule out anything more serious.

Once you know nothing more dire is going on, ask your doctor about compression for symptomatic treatment and prevention. Your doctor can recommend the proper compression level and even write you a prescription. The best part about this solution is that compression wear isn’t just ugly socks—you can get products you’ll be able to wear with your normal, nice clothing. Jomi Compression even carries items you can wear comfortably to work, such as sheer compression thigh high stockings. Pair these with your normal work attire and you’ll be able to look chic and fit into your favorite shoes—plus, no one will be able to tell you’re wearing compression gear.

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