Wearing Compression Socks at Night

Wearing compression socks has a slew of benefits. Compression gear benefits those with various medical conditions from edema to varicose veins, and it even helps in post-surgery recovery. It can also benefit frequent travelers, anyone who experiences swelling, athletes, and those who simply need more muscle support in their day-to-day lives. Commonly, people who work on their feet all day stand to benefit from compression gear. Many people who just discovered—or have even worn compression gear for years—have the same question: Can you wear compression socks at night? Check out this guide on who can benefit from wearing compression socks at night and when.

First, you should never wear compression socks overnight if your doctor did not prescribe them or you didn’t consult a doctor prior. There can be negative health effects if you wear compression socks overnight and don’t need to. There are, however, many positive health benefits for those who have certain medical conditions. We list some of the conditions doctors may recommend overnight compression for below.

Post-surgery recovery

Many times, when recovering from a recent surgery—especially one that requires or results in restricted leg mobility during recovery—doctors will recommend sleeping in a lower level compression garment such as toeless compression thigh highs. These allow for movement of the toes and comfort while providing necessary compression in the legs to keep the circulatory system engaged. This helps prevent and reduce major swelling around incisions sights.

Diabetic patients

Some doctors recommend their diabetic patients try compression gear while sleeping. It can help reduce swelling and keep the blood moving throughout the night. This can prevent loss of sensation in the feet and lower legs.

Restless leg syndrome

Compression gear can help those living with restless leg syndrome. It can even provide relief so that those suffering from this troublesome condition can get a good night’s sleep.


Many times, those with phlebitis are recommended by their doctors to try compression socks while they sleep in addition to while awake and moving around. This is all determined by severity of the condition, and a doctor should take risk factors into consideration.

Remember to always consult with a doctor before trying compression socks overnight. Overnight compression can be dangerous and unnecessary for those who are generally healthy or who do not have a doctor recommendation to do so.

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