Who Can Benefit From a Pair of Compression Socks

There are many reasons people choose to wear compression gear. Compression socks are common among a wide range of people, regardless of profession or medical condition. Medical-grade compression socks pose benefits to just about everyone.

Pregnant women

Jomi Compression was founded to combat varicose veins caused by pregnancy. Many pregnant women struggle with swollen feet. Compression socks are a great choice to minimize swelling and improve comfort levels. Compression tights or pantyhose are perfect options for the working soon-to-be-mother.


Medical-grade compression socks are regularly prescribed to diabetics because the socks help bodies maintain their natural circulation. These socks minimize swelling and increase comfort.


Although compression socks are typically associated with illness, athletes stand to benefit from compression socks too. They improve blood flow and circulation of your lower half, reducing the impact your feet feel. Runners often wear these socks during a run to minimize pain on their feet.

Air travelers

For frequent flyers, or anyone on a long flight, feet swelling is a common occurrence. The inactivity in your legs is typically what causes your feet to swell. Compression socks can increase your blood flow to reduce—or even prevent—swelling while traveling.

Office workers

Whether you have an active job or sit behind a desk, a typical workday can cause a lot of discomfort in your legs. This is where a pair of compression socks can help. They keep blood moving, even when one’s legs are stationary. Many office workers wear compression socks to work because they do more than just alleviate leg pain—they also help minimize aches in the lower body.

People with circulation issues or varicose veins

Compression socks can help people reduce and manage discomfort caused by circulation issues or varicose veins. For those who suffer from either condition, compression socks can help them get back to living a normal and comfortable life.

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