Deep vein thrombosis, also known as DVT, is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep below the skin. This most often occurs in the legs. When a DVT develops, it can cause the affected area to become swollen, red, and sensitive to touch. In some cases, the thrombosis can break loose from the vein and travel to the lungs, which can be a much more serious problem, known as a pulmonary embolism. If you notice the symptoms of DVT, ask your doctor about how to treat it and prevent a medical emergency from happening.

Compression Therapy Benefits

There are several benefits of compression therapy to consider. Your doctor may advise compression therapy as part of your treatment plan for DVT to help manage the symptoms. There are compression stockings for deep vein thrombosis that have many different levels of compression to choose from. By compressing the affected area, blood is forced through the veins instead of pooling, improving circulation and reducing swelling. However, it’s important to note that compression therapy should be used in conjunction with anticoagulants in most cases. Make sure to ask your doctor if compression stockings for deep vein thrombosis are right for you.

JOMI Compression’s Compression Products

If compression therapy is the right treatment for you, then our products can help. We offer medical-grade compression wear in a huge assortment of styles for you to choose from. Our compression stockings for deep vein thrombosis are available in a range of compression levels to satisfy your needs. If you need any further assistance in finding the right products for you, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. When it comes to compression garments and accessories, JOMI is the clear choice.