Compression Socks for Desk Work

Compression socks are a beneficial item for many people suffering from multiple ailments. Compression socks work to help the body’s circulatory system function better, which reduces swelling and discomfort. Many office workers sit at a desk for most of the hours of their workdays. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause swelling in the lower legs and feet. Swelling due to inactivity is a common problem in offices across the world. Compression socks can be beneficial to desk workers to keep the blood in their lower legs and feet flowing at a normal rate, even while sedentary. Check out the best compression socks for desk work.

Regular compression socks

Regular compression socks are ideal for the workplace. They come in neutral colors that won’t distract from your professional attire, and they are comfortable to wear with both business and casual shoes. Compression socks are a great option for those who are looking for a little extra support while wearing dress pants or a suit.  Regular compression socks cover the lower leg up to the knee or halfway up the calf typically. Ask a doctor before deciding to wear medical-grade compression gear and seek advice on which compression level is right for you.

Compression pantyhose

Compression pantyhose are a great option for workers with swelling or discomfort due to inactivity. These look just like regular pantyhose and provide a sleek, professional look with skirts and dresses. Compression pantyhose start at the toe and go up to the waist. They provide comfortable and functional compression while maintaining a discreet and businesslike appearance. Many women who work in office settings decide on compression pantyhose because they look the same as noncompression pantyhose, are stylish to wear under typical work attire, and are comfortable.

Thigh-high compression socks

Thigh-high compression socks are a popular choice among those with more extreme swelling and those who spend most of every day sitting at a desk. Thigh-high compression socks extend from the toes, up past the knees to the thigh. This provides extra support and circulatory assistance to the wearer. Thigh-high compression socks are concealed by pants and will appear to be regular socks. These come in multiple compression levels and neutral colors that will blend easily into any wardrobe.

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