How to Buy the Correct Compression Wear

Compression wear is known for its ability to increase the functioning of the wearer’s circulatory system, reduce and prevent swelling, and even make the wearer more comfortable. There are so many reasons to wear compression garments and ailments that they combat, but it can be tricky to identify which article of compression clothing is the most beneficial for you. Check out this guide on how to buy the correct compression wear for you.

Identify your ailment

The first step in finding the right compression wear for you is to identify why you need compression wear in the first place. Many wearers have a condition, such as restless leg syndrome or edema, that necessitates compression, while athletes may wear them for their benefits during workouts. If you’re wearing compression gear for health reasons, consult a doctor for a recommendation of compression level. If you’re wearing it for personal reasons or to aid in workouts, it is typically advisable to go with a lower level of compression, but consulting a doctor is always a good idea.

Locate the part of your body that would benefit from compression

Once you’ve identified the ailment you need compression to help with, it’s time to find the part of your body the issue stems from. If your feet are always swollen, you should go with compression socks. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, then compression thigh highs might be a more conducive choice. If you have circulation issues through your entire lower body, you may consider compression pantyhose or a men’s compression leotard to lessen the discomfort. Knowing where the issue lies allows you to better understand which compression garment can help you the most.

Ask a doctor

When in doubt, consult the professionals. If you’re experiencing swelling and discomfort in your body, you may benefit from a consultation with your doctor. A medical professional can help to identify the root of the issue, as there are often underlying causes that need treatment beyond wearing compression gear. A doctor can recommend and even write a prescription for the right level of compression and tell you the best garment for your condition.

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