Reasons to Use Compression Socks During Pregnancy

Feet swelling, edema, varicose veins, and increased risk of more serious blood issues all increase during pregnancy. There are convenient and comfortable ways to minimize risk for—and even prevent some of—these uncomfortable symptoms. Compression socks can help women manage many pregnancy-related ailments and create a more comfortable pregnancy experience overall. Here are some reasons to use compression socks during pregnancy.

Prevent foot pain and swelling

Many pregnant women experience swelling in their feet. Sometimes, this is a sign of a more serious condition—so always consult a doctor if you notice any pain during your pregnancy. If you only have mild swelling, it’s likely due to increased hormone levels. Compression socks can help fight mild swelling and foot pain.

Lower risk of more serious conditions

Pregnancy raises your risk of developing varicose veins. This minor condition is typically hereditary, but it is often brought on by pregnancy. Varicose veins can be purely cosmetic. They can also be painful. Compression socks can lower the risk of and, in some cases, even prevent varicose veins.

Compression gear cannot prevent deep vein thrombosis; however, it can minimize the risks and lessen the effects. Compression socks can help you minimize the risk of developing edema and blood clots, though. Compression won’t completely prevent blood clots, but it greatly reduces the risk and lowers severity when worn according to doctor instructions.

Tip: A doctor prescription is recommended for high-compression-level socks. Consult your doctor if you have serious conditions, extreme pain, or to find out what compression can do for you.

Come in a range of options

There are many compression socks and stocking designed with the modern and stylish woman in mind. Here are some types of compression socks you may not know exist:

  • Compression knee highs: These are perfect for everyday wear. Wear these how you would normal socks. There are even toeless options for open-toed shoes!
  • Compression thigh highs: These are great for wearing under dresses and skirts. They’re comfortable and will keep you feeling great all day.
  • Maternity pantyhose: Wear these with your favorite outfit. They look and feel like pantyhose but have the benefits of compression wear.

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